CPap- How to get rid of that infernal machine

Sleep Apnea is a serious condition .

It can cause sufferers to stop breathing during sleep and it has been fatal

Sleep apnea treatment usually involves sleeping with a Cpap or Bipap machine. A mask covers your nose and sometime nose and mouth and the Cpap machine forces air under pressure into your lungs.

This is a most unpleasant experience.

Do You

  1. Have trouble getting a seal with the Cpap mask
  2. Have the seal break if you turn your head slightly during sleep then have to start all over again
  3. Suffer from dry mouth and nose
  4. Sore throat from the pressure
  5. Skin irritation from the mask
  6. Panic if there is a power failure during the night and you have to get that Cpap mask off FAST before you feel you are suffocating
  7. Worry just in case a power failure might occur

Others have discovered techniques that have help them and those techniques are collected in “Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without Cpap

  • Avoid all of the above
  • Sleep sounder without the Cpap
  • Stop snoring
  • Have far more energy the next day

All these techniques are now available for you.

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Caution Make sure these techniques are working for you before stopping the Cpap. You should also consult your doctor

Maybe you have not yet been diagnosed with sleep apnea but you suffer from

  • Snoring
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Excessive tiredness the next day

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If you are unsure about whether you have sleep apnea the following online sites have questionnaires to determine if this is likely

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